Hi there!!
I’m Brunetto.
I am happily hired by Pixartprinting to work as full stack ERP developer. At Pixartprinting I joined the team responsible for the (backend and frontend) software supporting the outbound logistic. Sometimes I also play with some data analysis. Before starting my career as developer I earned a PhD in Astrophysics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Padova. There I simulated binary black holes and binary neutron stars in young and dense star clusters. These are the best candidate sources of detectable gravitational waves in the near future like the one observed on September 14, 2015!!😄

When I’m not at the computer (yes, I insanely ❤ programming/data analysis/data visualization, and not only for work! 😜 ) I enjoy travelling and making photos. I also volunteered as a scout leader, both as an educator (for almost ten years) and as part of the civil defense during the post earthquake in 2012.

Contact me

Do you have any question or suggestion? Drop me a line on !!
Or, if you are not a github lover, write me a ✉ !!
Even if I am working for Pixartprinting you may want to have a look at my CV!!


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